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This was recently posted on facebook:

Thoughts on the origin of the Buzava and Bokshrankun names.

Hi Alta,

Thanks for the images. Lot of thinking to do about how to present them.

Learned some things about our aimag.

1. Bokshrang was the name of one of Ayuka Khan’s son. Opens up the following possibilities:

a.  Our Zun formed as the prince’s personal guard or just name after him?

b.  Did he lead our mengen and zun or just the mengen?

     c.  At this time there were no aimags as that is a political unit not a military unit.
     d.  Buzava was the name of our mengen before we reached the Sal’sk steppe.

2. Read that Ayuka Khan and his successors would send up to 20,000 men to fight with the Cossacks against the Muslims as part of their friendship with Peter the Great and his successors..

a. Wonder if our mengen was already on the Sal’sk steppe as a unit assigned to fight with the Cossacks when Ovsha Khan migrated back east..

3. There would usually be two and sometimes more Tachuud families in each zun depending on the number of men in the unit. Tachuuds were generally assigned as an officer of 50 or so men. I’m thinking that some zuns had more men and some had less men would depend on the number of casualties.

4. Bokshrankun was a strong unit that settled on good land along the Sal River. If you look at the Buzava map in Prayers by Pop, you’ll see what I mean. I figure waterfront property is always prime real estate.



A thought – was our mengen named Buzava because it was the regiment used for the archery display when Peter the Great visited Ayuka Khan. ‘Bu’ is the word for bow and ‘zava’ is the word for ‘showed’ ,  ‘pointed’. I’m starting to lean in this direction because one zun was named after his prince. This is when they launched three flights of arrows and after each flight they bowed and shouted ‘Huure’  or as Peter the Great later added that to his army’s salute, hurrah.


News Update

The Tsagan prayer service will be on Wednesday, February 18th at 7 pm.

2015 is the Year of the Sheep!

Also, starting February 22 – We will be having Buddhist philosophy classes. All are welcome to attend!

Zul Service – Tuesday, December 16th 7PM

Please join us for Zul Services on Tuesday, December 16th at 7PM


As per community request, there will be tea lights for sale* for individual memorials

Please bring a list of names clearly written on paper for our monks to recite


* The monies raised from the sale of tea lights will be used for the monks utility bills

** For those looking for Howell Temple services, they are being held at 6PM

Raffle Donations

Hello all! We are looking for raffle donations for the Thanksgiving Dance. If anyone would like to donate, please let us know. See you at the dance!

Hello all!

Gomang Monks from India are coming to Philly Temple to chant prayers on Saturday Nov 29 …… 10:00am-12:00pm. We will be having a lunch afterwards. Please bring food donations!

GomangMonks from India are coming to Philly Temple to chant prayers on Saturday Nov 29 ...... 10;00-1200
Also, the Thanksgiving Dance at Cannstatter Volksfest will take place later that night. See the KBS site on FB for details.

Thanksgiving Dance!

Displaying FINAL FLYERII.jpg

Save The Date: KBS Temple Fundraiser Saturday, November 29th

Please save the date for a Kalmyk Brotherhood Society fundraiser for the temple.

The fundraiser will be held at the Canstatter located at 9130 Academy Road, Philadelphia, PA.

Please watch this site for further information.  Hope to see you there!!



posted by Natalie

Memorial Day Weekend Soccer Tournament

Dear Brothers and Sisters!
Come support our two soccer teams “Djangar” and “Lotus” in the brisk fresh spring air.
The All Mongolian Championships is highly competitive so you will see some very physical action and high-powered shooting. 
Invite your families, your friends, your neighbors,…anyone who enjoys a good soccer games to attend this tournament!!!
Our teams need your support!
Khal’mgud URALAN!!!

-Soccer fields are in Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ.

1. Open age group: 9 teams.
-Each game is 60 min, 2 halves of 30min.

2. Over 35 group: 6 teams
-Each game is 60 min, 2 halves of 30min.

-There are 3 fields.
-Days and times of Tournament:
Here is the most likely scenario of time table and schedule:
-Friday, May 23rd. 4.30 pm- 8.00pm: 9-10 games in 3 fields. 3 games simultaneously. On this day, each team will play only once but it’ll be sort of challenge to schedule as we planned.
-Sat. May 24th. : 9am-4pm. 3 games simultaneously. Opening ceremony and All group games will be completed.
-Sun. May 25th.: 9am-3pm. 6 games on 2 field. 2 semi-finals, over 35 3rd place and Championship game, Open age group’s 3rd place game and Championship game. Closing ceremony.
After tournament Gala Soccer celebration and Party: 5pm-11 pm At Party Hall (place tbd).
-NJ-2014 Org Com have reached an agreement to hire Referees from NY City referee group.

Philadelphia Ova Service

There will be a church service for Ova on Sunday, May 18th at 12PM

Election Results 2014

The ballots have been counted and verified.  The new Board of Directors of the Kalmyk Brotherhood Society are:













After the voting closed, ballots were opened by Bemba Dakuginow and counted by Sue Cucukov.  Ballot opening and tally was witnessed by Erdne-Dalla Abuschinow, Brenda Cucukov, Sara Cucukov, Natalie Schneider, Vera Ulzinow and Peter Zebekow.  Membership list, ballots and tally list are available at the temple for inspection.

** Posted by Natalie