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Updated Ballot for Board of Directors Election

** Updated ballot with additional nominations for Auditor and Chairman of the Board **

Elections for a new board will be held May 3rd.


Those who would like to run or vote for an office MUST be a member, be at least 18 and willing to devote some free time to the temple and community.

The deadline to pay dues to participate in this election is April 1, 2014.

The Board shall consist of not less than five (5) and no more than nine (9) directors.

The following people were nominated from the paid memberships:

Chairman of the Board (1): Dan Dawdanow

President (1): Alta Buruschkin and Purma Muschajew

Vice Presidents (Multiple): Larissa Kalatschinow, George Buruschkin and Dolly Abuschinow

Treasurers (2): Brenda Cucukov and Vera Ulzinow

Secretaries (2): Nina Schowgurow and Aysa Zebekow

Auditors (3): Peter Zebekow, Udbala Buruschkin and Sodnam Marchio

Junior Board: Ryan Pereborow, Kyle Pereborow and Sara Cucukov

The Junior Board of Directors is to get the younger generation involved in the aspects of running and caring for the temple.

If you are interested in a board or a junior board position, please let us know.


Dolly Abuschinow was nominated by Udbala Buruschkin and seconded by Alta Buruschkin.

George Buruschkin was nominated by Purma Muschajew and seconded by Brenda Cucukov.

Sandje Abuschinow, nominated for Auditor, has removed his name from the ballot.

Natalie Schneider, nominated for Secretary, has removed her name from the ballot.

Nina Schowgurow was nominated by Larissa Kalatschinow and seconded by Natalie Schneider.

Aysa Zebekow was nominated by Larissa Kalatschinow and seconded by Vera Ulzinow.

Sodnam Marchio was nominated by Natalie Schneider and seconded by Purma Muschajew.

Dan Dawdanow was nominated by Vera Ulzinow and seconded by Brenda Cucukov.

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