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Open Letter Sent to KBS Board

From Darryl Pereborow:

I am sending this as an open letter to the KBS board.
It is with a very heavy heart that I inform the current board that I am withdrawing my future financial support that was so heavily relied upon to keep our Temple above water. I will continue to pay my membership dues every year and possibly send a small donation too. But with the way things are being handled I cannot continue to support the current leadership as it stands now. Possibly, if the entire current board (with the exception of Natalie A. and Pete Z., as I believe they are the only 2 on the board who want to truly move us forward) decided to step down and install a new board that truly want change I will then reconsider my decision. Out of respect I will also be speaking with Telo Rinpoche to advise him of my decision.
I am also requesting to withdraw my nomination from the current slate for the elections to be held on May 3rd.
It seems that my attempts at trying to have everyone come together and forget “old” issues, to discuss our differences constructively, to turn the page in our history, has only been “head nodded” to in agreement and then falls back into the same divisive relationships as before. I truly thought that by having a new board made up of differing views but having the same goals would be a great thing. But unfortunately this is not the case and I now see people’s true colors and that is a shame. Because I firmly believed that we could be a shining example of how our people can join together under a common cause to be successful. That belief I know now will never be able to come to fruition as it stands. As the more suggestions and offers to help with ideas get proposed the more everything stays the same.
I sincerely apologize for giving the impression of “false” hope to all that have listened to me and my ideas on how we can be a more cohesive group and keep our hurul alive. I am not quitting and I want to be clear on this point!! As I know that some if not a lot of people will be critical of me and that is ok because it is their opinion and they are entitled. And if they want to talk to me about it I will openly discuss my stance as it has not changed and has not wavered from the first time I met with the board back in November of 2013. I will not point fingers or disparage anyone but I will state the facts.
In closing, I want to reiterate what I have said many times before about the current board, if not for them we would not have a Temple right now! But I feel it is time for them to step down now. I wish them the best of luck and my prayers are with them always.
Darryl Pereborow
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