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Kalmyk Smithsonian Folklife Festival Performers in New Jersey

Sorry for the late notice but I was just made aware that the Kalmyk performers from Washington DC will be in New Jersey on Thursday, July 4th!  The Sandy Run Picnic Area at Turkey Swamp Park in Freehold, NJ has been reserved from 2PM – 9:30PM to meet and spend time with them.  They will perform in Washington DC at 11AM and then make their way to New Jersey.  They are:

Olga Semenovna Andratova, musician, singer
Baator Bukhaev, musician
Arkady Nyaminovich Manjieyev
Nyamin Songajieyavich Manjieyev, singer, dancer
Nina Kochayevna Manjieyeva, musician, singer
Ervena Semenovna Matsakova, musician, singer
Alexander Nikolaevich Nasakaev, instrument maker, woodcarver
Viktor Batyrovich Okchayev, musician
Dmitriy Sergejevich Sharayev, musician, singer

In order to help defray the costs of bringing them here and the cost of the picnic area, the organizers are asking for an adult $20 fee.  Children are free.  There will be light food served.  Please bring your own drinks and feel free to bring food.

Any additional funds will be given to the performers as a gift. 

Please view the following map of Turkey Swamp Park for directions to the Sandy Run Area picnic area:  http://co.monmouth.nj.us/documents/130/turkey_swamp_brochure_oct_12.pdf


The Sandy Run Picnic Area is sheltered

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