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Kalmyk Hurul – 1923

1923 Kalmykia, Maloderbetovsky ulus Dongdu-khurul. Matsg

Part 4: The holy places of the Kalmyks. Matsg Oder is one of their main Kalmyk religious holidays. On that day, went to the steppe Targol khurul, which was located in the village of Zeety. It is here there were celebrations in honor of the event. Prayer flags, tied to the branches of the sacred tree, playfully waving at the wind. The participants of the festival are praying three times bypassing the three shrines: sacred tree, consecrated the temple tent. Then decided to make three bows in front of each of the shrines. After the prayers, a group of people began singing songs, continuing to pass the shrine….and in that time of prayer, asking for rain.

After the ceremony in the church ends, scriptures (made from a tree that grows in Tibet) is wrapped in a
expensive silk fabric. Near the place of Zeety is Khanat, a place of pilgrimage. In the center are three shrines: two churches and a house of worship. Led by the Lama, the procession moves around the three shrines. Pilgrims that arrive after a long and tiring trip first go to the temple for prayer mill (prayer wheels) to pray. Their sacred course, performed around the temple, is accompanied by the monotonous sound coming from dunchenov and timpani.

These are the first pictures that could be made within the Kalmyk temple.

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