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We’ve Moved!

Please check the New Temple tab to check out our brand new location that is now up and running.

2019 Tsagan Dance!

2018 Zul Prayers

Mendid everyone! This year’s holiday Zul prayer will be Sunday, December 2nd @ 6pm at the Philly Hurul. We hope to see you all there! 🕉️

Address: 129 E Courtland St, Philadelphia, PA 19120

2018 Year Of The Dog

Tsagaan Sar prayers are tonight at 7PM!

2016 Thanksgiving Dance


Save The Date!

Next year’s Tsagan Dance will be at Cannstatter Volksfest-Verein in Philadelphia. Save the date for February 20th, 2016!

2015 Thanksgiving Dance

On Wednesday, November 25 at 7:00 pm, the Kalmyk Brotherhood Society will be hosting their annual Thanksgiving Dance with proceeds benefiting the Temple of Saint Zonkava.

Where: Samarkand Restaurant

1135 Bustleton Pike, Feasterville, Pennsylvania 19053

Adults: $60 in advance – $80 at the door!
Kids 5-16: $35
Seniors 80 and up: Free
Kids under 5 should not attend!

We’ve had great donations for raffles in the past and we’re asking the same again. If anyone has any items they would like to donate, please call one of the phone numbers below. Thank You!

*Please call or message to reserve tickets in advance!*

Purma (215) 500-3320
Larissa (267) 575-0848
Nina (609) 440-1954

**Also note, the event is BYOB**

Save The Date!

The KBS will be hosting a Thanksgiving Dance on November 28. Also, there will be a camping/paintball/whitewater rafting trip in the fall for anyone who is interested! More info to come for both events.

Namcha Djugninov Singer passed away Saturday, March 28th . Namcha was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1935, And After the outbreak of WWII landed in a displaced-persons camp in Germany. After the war she emigrated with Her Family to Philadelphia where she met Michael Singer and had Three sons.
She is survived by her Former husband, Michael Singer; Their 3 sons, Jacob, David and Paul, and their respective wives Pam, Mary and Lada, and her grandchildren, Bernard, Ariella, Daniel, William, Leah, Julia, Isaac, and Lydia.. And her many friends.

Viewing to be held from 10-11am Friday Hollen funeral home 3160 Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19114 (215) 698-2500

Burial will follow at St. Vladimir’s Cemetery, Rova Farms, 316 Cassville Rd. Jackson. New Jersey

This was recently posted on facebook:

Thoughts on the origin of the Buzava and Bokshrankun names.

Hi Alta,

Thanks for the images. Lot of thinking to do about how to present them.

Learned some things about our aimag.

1. Bokshrang was the name of one of Ayuka Khan’s son. Opens up the following possibilities:

a.  Our Zun formed as the prince’s personal guard or just name after him?

b.  Did he lead our mengen and zun or just the mengen?

     c.  At this time there were no aimags as that is a political unit not a military unit.
     d.  Buzava was the name of our mengen before we reached the Sal’sk steppe.

2. Read that Ayuka Khan and his successors would send up to 20,000 men to fight with the Cossacks against the Muslims as part of their friendship with Peter the Great and his successors..

a. Wonder if our mengen was already on the Sal’sk steppe as a unit assigned to fight with the Cossacks when Ovsha Khan migrated back east..

3. There would usually be two and sometimes more Tachuud families in each zun depending on the number of men in the unit. Tachuuds were generally assigned as an officer of 50 or so men. I’m thinking that some zuns had more men and some had less men would depend on the number of casualties.

4. Bokshrankun was a strong unit that settled on good land along the Sal River. If you look at the Buzava map in Prayers by Pop, you’ll see what I mean. I figure waterfront property is always prime real estate.



A thought – was our mengen named Buzava because it was the regiment used for the archery display when Peter the Great visited Ayuka Khan. ‘Bu’ is the word for bow and ‘zava’ is the word for ‘showed’ ,  ‘pointed’. I’m starting to lean in this direction because one zun was named after his prince. This is when they launched three flights of arrows and after each flight they bowed and shouted ‘Huure’  or as Peter the Great later added that to his army’s salute, hurrah.